Welcome to www.fmpro-swiss.ch

fmpro, the Swiss Association for Facility Management and Maintenance, is the largest Swiss industry and professional association in this sector.

With roughly 987 members, fmpro covers the main themes of facility management, maintenance and hospitality.
In doing so we represent the interests of employers and employees with 251 business members, 732 individual members and 4 mutual memberships.

fmpro sees itself as a mediation centre for expertise, industry information and contacts. We make an important contribution to networking, positioning and industry knowledge transfer through our own media and events. fmpro also supports training.

We are a responsible body for the maintenance professional vocational examination as well as higher qualifications for maintenance supervisor and facility management supervisor. fmpro is also an indirect support of various vocational and higher qualifications in household management and hospitality management.

You are invited to read through our homepage in German language.